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Sep 12, 2021
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Informally speaking, there is just one rule at Splendid Point Community, that is, Be Polite.

However we understand that online discussions, specially ones on charged topics such as Religion and Politics can quickly go out of hand. Hence, we have mentioned here specific rules about what can or cannot be posted. In addition to these guidelines mentioned here, specific forum categories may have additional rules/guidelines in a sticky thread.

General Posting Guidelines

  1. Be Polite. Everyone is here to relax, meet like minded people and discuss what one likes to talk about. Don't bash anyone, if you don't like a topic, don't read it. We do not want to have to douse fires please.
  2. Noobs should (but are not forced to) post in the "New Member Introductions" category. This gives everyone a chance to know you and usually serves as a good ice breaker.
  3. It is very strongly advised to not post your personal information in any manner on this site. If someone solicits your personal contact, please alert a Mod/Admin about it.

Bans and Warnings

Any of the following activities can result in a user being warned/banned partially/permanent ban.

  1. Posting sexually engaging or sexually suggestive images or videos or posts of any kind will result in an immediate permanent ban. Please remember this is not an Adult community and the general guideline is to be modest in your words and content.
  2. Bashing members on the basis of Race/Religion/Nationality/Gender/Sexual orientation.
  3. Excessive/repeated trolling. Being consistently seen as a Troll or a negative poster.
  4. If you register with more than one username.
  5. Unsolicited Advertisements of your products or services. Spamming with external links to your blog/forum/website..
Signatures and Avatars

  1. Please ensure that signatures and Avatars are work environment friendly.
  2. We do not place a limit of number of lines in signatures, but please make sure that people don't have to scroll too long because of your sig. Remember no sexually suggestive image/vid of any kind can be posted anywhere, not even in signature or avatar picture.
  3. We do not allow animated avatars. Animated Avatars will not work on Splendid Point.
Attachments/Image/Video Upload

  1. Remember, we are NOT an adult community, as stated in the general guidelines above.
  2. Do not post images/documents/content of any kind which is copyrighted and for which you do not have permission to share.
  3. Linking images/videos etc from other site is all right as long as the original authors do not prohibit such linking.
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